Rosie's New York Mexican cantina

Day 8 in New York had a focus on work, but we still managed to sneak in dinner at Rosie’s - sitting right at the tortilla bar in middle of the restaurant I saw first hand each tortilla being made. They puffed up perfectly on the grill, which left me wondering what MrBball and I are doing wrong!

The tacos while small, were generous with flavour. I opted for pork, which had a perfectly smokey, creamy and sweet flavour with fresh pineapple and avocado.

We also ordered the corn chips and salsa - both salsas were filled with flavour. Fresh, spicy, salty and smokey - absolutely delicious! Do yourself a favour and order this but make sure to keep some salsa aside to add to whatever other dishes you get. I added them to the creamy black beans and it elevated the dish to a new level.

After dinner we enjoyed an outdoor movie in Washington Square Park - black and white French classic La Traversee de Paris filled the park, making our final day in New York a perfect reminder of how amazing this city is.


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