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Challenge 2 - Yoghurt and Jelly

Firstly, thanks Alex! I don't really like jelly, so this challenge was going to be hard. I started off by thinking of what I had eaten with jelly in the past. When I was in high school, I worked at the Cheesecake Shop. Occassionally we sold trifle; custard, jelly, sponge and fruit. Then I thought of this breakfast trifle I read about at a gorgeous little cafe in Stanmore. This trifle had Greek yoghurt, muesli and fruit layered in a glass. So I combined both concepts and made (for lack of a better word) a 'Greek trifle.' I used a layer of strawberry jelly, topped with savoiardi biscuits (like what is used in a tiramasu), then a layer of berries, another layer of savoiardi biscuits and finished off with a dollop of Greek yoghurt. Originally I intended to use a white chocolate yoghurt custard however when I tested it on one, it was WAY too sweet. So I opted for just the yoghurt. The tartness of the yoghurt complimented the sweetness of the jelly, biscuits and berries.

Challenge 1: Yoghurt and Chocolate

Alright, my first challenge. I admit, I've never cooked a dish combining chocolate and Greek yoghurt before. But how hard could it be? Famous last words. The first thing that came to my head - chocolate tart. A chocolate tart is often made with cream, so I thought...why wouldn't it work with Greek yoghurt instead? A bit of a stretch I know, however it was decided. I'd make a chocolate tart. I started by making a sweet pastry with flour, icing sugar and butter. For the chocolate mixture, I adapted a custard recipe which included: 1 cup of caster sugar, 4 eggs, approximately 100g of Lindt dark chocolate and 1 cup of Greek yoghurt (black swan, low fat). First I whisked the sugar and eggs together. Then I added the Greek yoghurt. Next was melting the dark chocolate. To make sure the custard mixture didn't curdle I added a small amount of it to the dark chocolate. Once mixed together, I added the rest of the custard mixture. I added the chocolate mixture to each

My first post - the Yoghurt Experiment

I grew up always being told that I was similar to my Papou (Grandpa) who passed away before I was born - I had his sarcastic personality and while he was more quiet then me (I'm loud...I won't lie), we were both genuine people. However it was my great-grandpa that I took after in the food department. Before I go on with this story...a little bit of background. I'm 24, living in Sydney, grew up in Adelaide (which no matter what people say... I LOVE ), I support the Adelaide Crows , I'm Greek and this is my first blog. To start I want to be honest and say that yes, all of the reality TV cooking shows have given me the kick up the ass I needed to start this blog. However it is my families passion for food that gave me this idea (also my friend Nicky - thanks Nicky! ). There are two things I know about my great-grandpa. One was that it took a few goes to get my great-grandma to agree to marry him. The second is his love of Greek yoghurt - this is a trait I inherited.