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Fiery yoghurt sauce

I love chilli on everything – except sweets. I’m not partial to the chilli chocolate combination (don’t throw stones!) however when it comes to all things savoury, that bite really sets it apart. I don’t mind that burning, sweating, almost can’t taste feeling. As soon as it gets to that can’t taste feeling, that’s my limit. So for me chilli and yoghurt is the perfect combination – they mellow each other out. I made this fiery yoghurt sauce to dress up a what use to be boring weeknight meal – meat and three veg. Ingredients: 4 tablespoons Greek yoghurt 2 teaspoons lemon juice 1.5 – 2 tablespooons sundried tomatoes 1 ½ red medium chilli Method: Mix all the ingredients together with a hand held blender. This easy sauce is creamy, punchy and will take your next dinner party to a whole new level. Perfect with BBQ meat and grilled vegetable skewers, it’s a perfect BBQ accompaniment.  Fun farewell yoghurt fact: “many historical account

Peach and banana frozen yoghurt

It was a hot summer’s day, I was trying to be healthy and oh did I want ice-cream. So I sat in the heat, watching old episodes of Friends on Gem and a conversation with a workmate hit me – you can make fruit frozen yoghurt in a food processor in 4 minutes! So it started… Ingredients: 2 frozen peaches 1 frozen banana 2 tablespoons of natural yoghurt 1/2 teaspoon of honey (optional) Method: Process the fruit until smooth Add in natural yoghurt and honey and mix until combined Eat it then and there or put it back into the freezer for a bit (if it lasts…). Be warned, if you put it back in the freezer, it will get icy. For that reason, eat it all straight away! Its guilt free J My farewell fun yoghurt fact – “ Not only is yogurt a delicious and healthy snack option, it contains high levels of lactic acid that promote healthy skin . Dating back to ancient India, yogurt has long been used as a natural moisturizer to revitalize dull, dry skin.”*