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Even a Lebanese cooking class uses Greek yoghurt!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to a Lebanese cooking class. My beautiful friend Sarah got me a voucher to go for my birthday. So together we headed East, not sure what this class would be like. There we joined a Friends in the Kitchen class , lead by chef and teacher Lanette MacDonald. Lanette was an interesting lady. Full of enthusiasm she, along with Annette who runs the program, took us through an exciting menu. While speedy, it was entertaining, with Lanette sharing stories of her life as a chef, teacher and Thermo Mix ambassador. Honestly, her life sounded amazing. Her speedy nature was without doubt spurred by her afternoon engagement - drinking French Champagne with Testuya on his boat! Who could blame her for trying to get through it fast. Anyway, back to the menu. What I loved about this menu was how fresh and light it was. I had to write about it, with the main dish containing yoghurt. And, while a Lebanese cooking class, I had a glimpse of my favourite yoghurt in