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International yoghurt experiences

So here I am, one week into a one month trip. So far I've been to Dubai and London. Dubai was interesting. A very new city and everything looked like the plastic wrapper had just been removed. The traffic was smooth, the NSW state government could learn a thing or two about city planning, and the heat was borderline unbearable. After a day of 4wding, camel riding and sand boarding through the desert we sat down for a Arabic meal. After our terrible sand boarding display we needed a meal. At a small place where we were the only tourists, we were served an amazing chicken manti with rice and shish kebab. My cousin and I shared. Then to my delight, additional sides were bought over, including a tub of natural yoghurt. The yoghurt was smooth, refreshing and not tart. It complimented the weather and strong flavour of the food. My cousin even loved it. The yoghurt was called linikas pasterised yoghurt. Next post I will tell you about London.

Challenge 3 - Milo and Yoghurt - I think it's my best!

My workmate elegantly put up on my blog "Milo and Yoghurt...go!" This one I had to say excited me. Everytime I eat milo I feel like a kid again. That's what I love about food, it's ability to take you back to memorable moments in your life. Even a piece of kraft single cheese on a piece of toast reminds me of all the amazing times I had at my grandma's growing up. Time at grandma's house with my cousins was always my favourite part of the school holidays. So yes, I was excited and I felt like a kid again. Growing up I used to love eating chocolate mousse, it was just beautiful. So a milo and yoghurt mousse came straight to mind. Smooth, rich and light. However milo itself isn't overly sweet and the yoghurt will make the mousse rather tart. So I thought it needed something to even out the flavour. Like lemon compliments tequila, strawberries compliment chocolate. So I thought a sweet strawberry compote would work well. In terms of visuals, I needed somethin