Thai meatballs

I think meatballs are one of the most diverse dishes of all time - cooked in tomato sauce in Italy and Greece, wrapped in flatbread in Turkey, served in hot soup in Vietnam or covered in gravy in Sweden. When done well, they are moist, delicious and a great cheap eat. When done badly they are dry and tasteless. 
Lending itself to so many different creations, I like to experiment with the humble meatball. For this dish you can use traditional coconut milk however for a tangy and creamy twist, you can use yoghurt. Go with your gut. 

Ingredients: 500g pork or beef1/2inch of ginger, grated2 cloves of garlic, crushed1 tablespoons lime juice1 tablespoon of crushed lemongrass1 teaspoon salt2 tablespoons of coriander1 red chili (small or ½ big chili – remove seeds if you don’t like spice)½ teaspoon sugar1 teaspoon flour1 tablespoons of thai paste (you can use green curry paste if you like or follow the below recipe)3/4 cup of chicken stock½ cup yoghurt or coconut milk
Thai paste: ½ lemongrass s…

Chocolate peanut butter balls

We were going to visit family for morning tea when I had a moment of panic and realised I had nothing to take. In these situations no bake bites are my go to. They are easy, simple and need very few ingredients. Whatever is in the pantry, you can put in a mixing ball with some melted butter and chocolate and you have a quick sweet treat.
That day, I was wanting to feel like a kid again so looked for ingredients that would conjure up fond childhood memories. That ingredient for me is peanut butter.
Peanut butter with honey on toast was my weekend indulgence. I loved the sweet and salty combination. 
So with almond biscuits in the pantry and an abundance of peanut butter at my disposal I got to work.

This week’s blog recipe is chocolate peanut butter balls. What you make with things from the pantry. Recipe at #peanutbutter #chocolate #yoghurt #dessert A post shared by Anne Zervaas (@justaddyoghurt) on Jul 18, 2018 at 1:49am PDT
Ingredients: 1 1/2 cup crushed biscuits -…

Chocolate coconut slice

It's a weeknight and you realise you need to make something for a work fundraising morning tea. It is raining and cold and the thought of going to the shop is downright repulsive. So you open the pantry, pull out some ingredients and hope for the best.

This was one occasion, which while not refined or attractive, delivered a tasty treat easy to prepare and share. 

With just a few ingredients, this slice is perfect with a cup of tea and if you want to make it a little sweeter make some icing and slather it on. 

125g melted butter1 cup brown sugar1/4 cup cocoa powder1 egg1 tablespoon yoghurt1/2 cup plain flour1/3 cup self-raising flour2 tablespoon crushed almonds1/2 cup desiccated coconutMethod: Pre-heat oven to 160ÂșC fan-forcedGrease a 15cm x 10cm panMix melted butter and brown sugar togetherAdd the cocoa powder and mix until well combinedStir in the egg and yoghurtSift together plain flour and self-raising flour and add to wet ingredientsMix in crushed almonds and desicca…

Mini yoghurt pizzas

No more are kids birthday parties filled with chips, chocolates and lollies. Now they are a culinary adventure, taking the chocolate mud cake birthday favourite to a two-tiered, fondant covered, super-hero themed cake. Kids birthday parties have certainly gone up a notch. 
However for a friend's two year old birthday party, I bought out a party pizzas. This recipe is quick and delicious. 

Pizza sauce:  500ml tomato passata1 garlic clove1 teaspoon dried oregano½ teaspoon salt¼ teaspoon sugar¼ teaspoon pepper1 tablespoon olive oil
Pizza dough: 2 cups self-raising flour, sifted1 cup yoghurt½ teaspoon salt
Toppings: Grated cheeseHamSundried tomatoTomatoOlivesFresh basilDried oreganoRoasted capsicum
Method: To make the sauce, put a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan on medium heatAdd the garlic and oregano and cook until fragrant Add passata, salt, sugar and pepperCook on medium-high for approximately 10-15 minutes until it thickensTo make the dough, mix the sel…

Harissa chicken with honey carrot and haloumi salad

Here is an enigma for you - I don't like capsicum (bell peppers) but I love chilli and even like dips with roast capsicum. So when it comes to harissa, I love its bite without the bitterness of raw capsicum. Harissa is a Tunisian hot chilli paste and is incredibly versatile. 

Chicken: 600g chicken, cubed3 teaspoons harissa – heaped3 teaspoons yoghurt – heaped1 teaspoon lemon
Salad: 1 teaspoon harissa2 teaspoons yoghurt½ teaspoon honey½ teaspoon lemon½ cup quinoa, cooked and cooled¾ cup brown rice, cooked and cooled1 cup baby spinach1 tomato1 cup of stale bread, chopped into cubes (1cm) and baked with salt, pepper and olive oil (croutons)150g haloumi
Honey carrots: 1 carrot½ teaspoon honey1 teaspoon butterPinch salt
Chicken: Combine the yoghurt, harissa, lemon and pour over the chickenLet the chicken marinate for 30 minutesGrill the chicken on high until cooked through – around 4 minutes per side
Carrots: Peel carrots and cut into 1cm match sticksBoil until tenderDrai…

Crispy salmon tacos

Growing up a taco meant mince beef, lettuce, tomato and sour cream in a crunchy taco shell. Old El Paso would be the Mexican chef in our household. Don't get me wrong, my mum is an excellent cook. However growing up in a Greek family, Mexican never frequented the dinner table. So as a way to mix up our mealtimes we would sometimes enjoy the crunchy taco that I thought was the epitome of Mexican cuisine, despite the hard shell tortilla cutting the roof of my mouth after every bite.
Little did I know at 10 that Mexican cuisine was so much more. Now I love Mexican and often dream about the tacos and burritos I ate when traveling through California. Honestly I'm still craving the baja fish taco from Garaje in San Francisco I ate a year ago. 
So my husband and I like to experiment a little when it comes to tacos and our most recent, crispy salmon baked to make it healthier. 
The pineapple salsa mixed with the salmon is a delicious combination that pops in the mouth. 


Key lime pie

When my husband visited Key West in California so that he could try a key lime pie, when he returned he couldn't get the creamy, citrus tart out of his mind. So he wanted to recreate it.

While in Australia you can't get your hands on key limes, you can substitute Tahitian limes. While not the same, still delicious. 
This is a really simple dish that can even double up as a gluten free dessert if you substitute the cookie base with gluten free biscuits. 

A dessert that is tart, creamy and indulgent - my favourite...key lime pie. Seven ingredients never tasted so good. Recipe at #keylimepie #pie #lime A post shared by Anne Zervaas (@justaddyoghurt) on May 9, 2018 at 1:51am PDT
Ingredients: 200g gram crackers, digestives or hobnobs1 tablespoon sugar100g melted butter4 egg yolksJuice of 4 limes295g can of condensed milk200g Greek yoghurt or whipped creamMethod: Pre-heat oven to 160°fan-forcedCrush biscuits until they resemble bread crumbsAdd the butter and sugar…