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Yoghurt and zucchini fritters

I’m a little fussy when it comes to vegetables. Texture can both excite and disgust me and for some reason zucchinis fall into the latter category. Cut thick I’m not a huge fan. However grated I’m all ears. So to increase my vegetable intake I started making zucchini fritters. These zucchini fritters are a perfect way to get vegetables into your kids or into fussy kid-like adults (yes…that’s me). Ingredients: 1 ½ zucchinis 1 tablespoon yoghurt 1 egg 1 clove garlic 150 grams ricotta cheese 1 teaspoon of dried oregano 1 teaspoons dried chili (optional) Salt and paper 3 tablespoons flour. Method: Grate the zucchini Squeeze the zucchini to remove any excess moisture To the grated zucchini add the yoghurt, egg, ricotta cheese, oregano, chili salt and pepper Sift in flour and mix well. Heat a pan with oil Add a tablespoon of mixture and form into a circle Cook until brown on each side – around 4-5 minutes on each side, depending on how hot

Just add yoghurt sundae stand

On Saturday (4 July 2015) Mr Bball and I had our engagement party. Over 100 people attended and we wanted to host a party that reflected us. While having an engagement party at a bar, pub or restaurant would have made life easier (no set up, cooking or predicting alcohol consumption), we wanted something a little more unique. So we held the party in a Greek Hall, with pillars that looked like the Acropolis and all! We set it up with pictures of those who have impacted our lives, fairy lights, flowers and tea lights. However what really made it us was a DIY taco stand and yoghurt sundae stand. Mr Bball loves tacos and I of course love yoghurt. Funnily enough the taco stand was my idea and the yoghurt stand was Mr Bball - we obviously know each other really well! My Bball even surprised me with a 'Just add yoghurt' sign, a tribute to this blog. This is a unique post but I wanted to share our yoghurt sundae stand experience. What you need: Food items: - 5kg of