Just add yoghurt sundae stand

On Saturday (4 July 2015) Mr Bball and I had our engagement party. Over 100 people attended and we wanted to host a party that reflected us.

While having an engagement party at a bar, pub or restaurant would have made life easier (no set up, cooking or predicting alcohol consumption), we wanted something a little more unique. So we held the party in a Greek Hall, with pillars that looked like the Acropolis and all!

We set it up with pictures of those who have impacted our lives, fairy lights, flowers and tea lights. However what really made it us was a DIY taco stand and yoghurt sundae stand. Mr Bball loves tacos and I of course love yoghurt.

Funnily enough the taco stand was my idea and the yoghurt stand was Mr Bball - we obviously know each other really well! My Bball even surprised me with a 'Just add yoghurt' sign, a tribute to this blog.

This is a unique post but I wanted to share our yoghurt sundae stand experience.

What you need:

Food items:
- 5kg of sweet vanilla yoghurt
- 750g M&M's
- 500g Maltesers
- 500g strawberries
- 500g blueberries
- 500g jelly beans
- 500g marshmellows

Display and utensils:
- 100 paper cups
- 100 dessert spoons
- Ladle
- 4 lolly jars
- 2 medium sized bowls for the fruit
- 1 large bowl for the yoghurt.

This is such a simple and neater alternative to an ice-cream sundae bar (no concerns over the ice-cream melting) and suitable for hot and cold months. You can use any fruit, chocolate or lollies. Be as creative as you want.

If you are looking for a fun and unique alternative to the standard dessert or lolly bar, this yoghurt sundae bar is a perfect option. My Dad, who doubted our approach for the party from day one, even loved it! It's also great for gluten free guests.

If you give this a go would love to hear how you set it up so please share your stories.

Farewell fun yoghurt fact 'All yoghurts are made from fermented milk by two lactic starters: Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus.'

Source: http://www.danone.co.za/pages/our-views--news/health--nutrition/yoghurt-facts 


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