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Chocolate chip and coconut cookie

For me a cookie must always have a chew. The best cookie is the one that you bite into and have to put a little force into it to rip the piece away. No crumbly bits please. I’m always disappointed when I see a big chocolate chip cookie, grab it and realise instantly that it lacks chew when the crumbs start falling off before I even take a bite. On the other extreme, I don’t want to injure myself eating a cooking because the chew strains my jaw. So too much chew is just as disappointing. This chocolate chip and coconut cookie is a great in between cookie, perfect with ice-cream or dunked in milk. Ingredients: 120 g butter ¾ cup caster sugar 2 tablespoon brown sugar 1 egg ¼ cup yoghurt ¼ cup coconut ½ cup chocolate chips 1 ¼ cup plain flour, sifted Method: Pre-head oven to 200 C fan-forced Cream butter and caster sugar Mix in brown sugar Mix in egg Mix in yoghurt Mix in coconut and chocolate chips Add flour and carefully combine

Banana, caramel Mars bar cake

Banana and caramel is a flavour combination that transcends cultural divides. In China you will find toffee bananas with a rich caramel toffee. In America you'll find the good ole banana caramel cream pie. In Colombia you'll find platoons calados, stewed-down banana in a caramel syrup.   So with a banana overripe and a little sweetened condensed milk leftover from my Christmas cheesecake, I went back to tradition and baked this banana and caramel cake. While stopping at banana and caramel would have made a delicious afternoon treat, I had to give it my little twist. I added a Mars bar. Crazy you may say however who doesn't love cutting into a banana cake only to see chunks of chocolate and caramel throughout?  Ingredients Cake: 125 g butter  3/4 cup caster sugar  1 tsp vanilla essence  1 egg  1 large banana mashed ripe  1 1/2 cups self-raising flour  3 tablespoons of milk 2 tablespoons yoghurt 1 king-sized Mars bar chopped up into s