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Rosie's New York Mexican cantina

Day 8 in New York had a focus on work, but we still managed to sneak in dinner at Rosie’s - sitting right at the tortilla bar in middle of the restaurant I saw first hand each tortilla being made. They puffed up perfectly on the grill, which left me wondering what MrBball and I are doing wrong!

The tacos while small, were generous with flavour. I opted for pork, which had a perfectly smokey, creamy and sweet flavour with fresh pineapple and avocado.

We also ordered the corn chips and salsa - both salsas were filled with flavour. Fresh, spicy, salty and smokey - absolutely delicious! Do yourself a favour and order this but make sure to keep some salsa aside to add to whatever other dishes you get. I added them to the creamy black beans and it elevated the dish to a new level.

After dinner we enjoyed an outdoor movie in Washington Square Park - black and white French classic La Traversee de Paris filled the park, making our final day in New York a perfect reminder of how amazing this c…

Central Park picnic

Day 7 was our food tour day. Five spots and train rider later we enjoyed a picnic in Central Park - people watching with a glass of wine in hand was a special experience.

Our tour included:

Bottle of Pinot Noir from Trader Joes Wine ShopBaguette from Breads Bakery in Union Square Pepperoni and prosciutto from Faicco's Italian, 260 Bleecker St in little ItalyJalape├▒o Jack cheese and olives from Murrays Cheese Shop - 264 Bleecker St in little ItalyAmy's Bread for a black and white cookie - 250 Bleecker St in little Italy. The bottle of wine was light and peppery.

You know that feeling you get when you smell freshly baked bread? Your stomach growls, mind drifts back to a childhood memory (or a memory of working in a bakery as a teenager) and you let out a little laugh of delight. That was me in Breads Bakery. I can only imagine what everyone else thought of me. Way too excited for what is only bread. But good bread is so much more - it's nostalgic, jaw-straining goodness tha…

New York food tour - Brooklyn bagel

Day 6 started with a walk across Brooklyn Bridge. They say walking across Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most romantic things you can do and the view is said to turn a platonic relationship into more.

Surrounded by large groups of school kids it wasn't romantic exactly but the view was just beautiful. The iconic locks have been removed to preserve this landmark but you could still see some instances of them - an icon of love for the city.

Over the bridge in Brooklyn we walked along Brooklyn Heights before venturing to find the perfect bagel. I saved my bagel eating until Brooklyn and it was worth it.

Frankel’s Delicatessen & Appetizing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is a relatively new Jewish deli - with bagels, smoked fish and cold drinks this place was the iconic Jewish bakery I was looking for. Run by two brothers, it has neon signs, white painted walls, classic Jewish food and a relaxed, welcoming vibe.

The everything bagel was soft, slightly chewy and the perfect balance of salt…

New York yiros, Chobani breakfast bowl and crepe

Day 5 - New York

Today was a day of mixed feelings - we were surrounded by world-class modern art at MOMA, shadowed by the forever growing apartment buildings along the High Line, intrigued by the Charging Bull and new addition, young girl and both overwhelmed and saddened by the 9/11 memorial and museum. At the memorial they place a rose on all those whose birthday it would have been if they hadn’t fallen victim to the terrible attack. It was beautiful and chilling at the same time.

Amongst all of this came some interesting NY food. A yiros at The Halal Boys outside MOMA was met with a smile however with Greek heritage never met the mark compared to a traditional yiros from Greece. This was followed a must- do visit to Chobani - a Chobani yoghurt cafe with yoghurt-inspired l savoury, sweets and drinks. A mixed berry breakfast bowl combined berry yoghurt, milk, puffed rice, berries and mint. The berries were generous, yoghurt both creamy and tart and puffed rice perfectly complimenta…

New York - hot dogs, Reuben sandwich and Italian sandwich

Day 3 - New York
For our 1st year wedding anniversary we spent the day roaming around Central Park, visiting Grand Central Station, watching the Yankees, visiting the 9/11 memorial and going up to the One World Observatory at the new World Trade Centre. My husband surprised me with a great tour making it a day I'll never forget.

Between all this came a range of food tasting. It started with a hot dog from a street vendor outside Yankee Stadium - mustard, ketchup and a soft bun made this cheap roadside treat absolutely delicious. The fluffy bun, salty sausage and rich mustard was the perfect ballgame accompaniment. At $5.99 for two hotdogs and water, it was a lot cheaper than in Yankee Stadium and quicker to get. There so so many of the yellow food stands across NY specialising in yiros, hotdogs and meat. Pick one and indulge.

Then after visiting Washington Square Park we visited The Kata roll company around Greenwich Village, specialising in Indian influenced wraps made with eith…

New York - pizza, wine and ice cream

We arrived at JFK airport to the flurry of people and line of cars eagerly trying to pick up their guest and get out of there as soon as possible.

As soon as we exited the airport the New York heat hit and I welcomed the warmth after leaving the cold Adelaide winter.

It took 1.5 hours to get to Manhattan from the airport. Thankfully our lovely Lyft driver made it a nice experience.

As soon as we dropped off our luggage in our apartment - Airbnb living like locals - we went in search of food.

Having read about Katz’s Delicatessen we went there first, surprised to be handed a ticket upon entry, quickly told that we couldn’t leave without handing the ticket back when exiting. No ticket attracts a fine.

A little confused we walked up to the busy counter to discover the array of meat-filled sandwiches on offer cost between $20-$25 plus tax. For one sandwich! I couldn’t do it. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So we quickly handed back our ticket and walked to a local pizza shop f…

USA food tour - clam chowder and tacos San Francisco

My husband and I are in USA for work, learning all we can about the tech scene.

However while here i’m of course taking the opportunity to eat my way through the USA. Throughout our time i’ll post about all the culinary delights I come across and share in true food blogger style, what to try and what to hide from.

Our USA foodie tour commenced on 9 June with a creamy, hearty, delicious clam chowder at fishermans wharf. The bread bowl was a perfectly balanced sourdough - the soft centre and crunchy exterior made this bread the a great option for dipping into the warming chowder.

This warmth was welcomed with open arms as the crisp wind came off the water and in true San Francisco style pierced my clothing.

There are a lot of clam chowder options at Fisherman’s Wharf - if you want to buy, stand and eat go for one of the smaller food vendors. They are cheaper. However because Mr Bball and I wanted to share we opted for the Chowder Hut - it was delicious, fast and easy to share. Plus, wi…