New York yiros, Chobani breakfast bowl and crepe

Day 5 - New York

Today was a day of mixed feelings - we were surrounded by world-class modern art at MOMA, shadowed by the forever growing apartment buildings along the High Line, intrigued by the Charging Bull and new addition, young girl and both overwhelmed and saddened by the 9/11 memorial and museum. At the memorial they place a rose on all those whose birthday it would have been if they hadn’t fallen victim to the terrible attack. It was beautiful and chilling at the same time.

Amongst all of this came some interesting NY food. A yiros at The Halal Boys outside MOMA was met with a smile however with Greek heritage never met the mark compared to a traditional yiros from Greece. This was followed a must- do visit to Chobani - a Chobani yoghurt cafe with yoghurt-inspired l savoury, sweets and drinks. A mixed berry breakfast bowl combined berry yoghurt, milk, puffed rice, berries and mint. The berries were generous, yoghurt both creamy and tart and puffed rice perfectly complimentary. On the side we shared a coconut, pineapple and yoghurt drink that was well balanced and not too sweet - coconut was prominent while the pineapple subtle. This dish was a welcomed break to the heavier food we have consumed over the last few days.

Now if only I could start a similar yoghurt cafe in Adelaide…

For dinner we had a tomato, cheese and basil crepe and salad at the Crooked Tree on Saint Marks Place. It was light, basil was plentiful and the side salad was a great alternative to our indulgent food tour so far. A healthier alternative to a pizza slice.

New York warning - if you go to a food vendor with no price list, they will overcharge. Always go somewhere with a visible price list.


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