Challenge 3 - Milo and Yoghurt - I think it's my best!

My workmate elegantly put up on my blog "Milo and Yoghurt...go!"

This one I had to say excited me. Everytime I eat milo I feel like a kid again. That's what I love about food, it's ability to take you back to memorable moments in your life. Even a piece of kraft single cheese on a piece of toast reminds me of all the amazing times I had at my grandma's growing up. Time at grandma's house with my cousins was always my favourite part of the school holidays. So yes, I was excited and I felt like a kid again.

Growing up I used to love eating chocolate mousse, it was just beautiful. So a milo and yoghurt mousse came straight to mind. Smooth, rich and light. However milo itself isn't overly sweet and the yoghurt will make the mousse rather tart. So I thought it needed something to even out the flavour.

Like lemon compliments tequila, strawberries compliment chocolate. So I thought a sweet strawberry compote would work well.

In terms of visuals, I needed something to separate the mousse from the strawberries. I wanted layers. So I thought a dark chocolate disk would work well.

Finally, milo is known for it's crunch. If milo is in the dish, I want people to know. So I had to include some milo on top just before serving. That way, childhood memories would come flooding with every bite.

So there you have it, with strawberry compote on the bottom, a tempered chocolate disk (first time I've ever tempered chocolate - hint...don't look away!), the milo and yoghurt mousse and a tablespoon of milo to finish.

I was happy with it. The mousse wasn't overly sweet, however incredibly rich. So the strawberries were required. I took it to work and received some interesting reviews:

"On paper, eating a cup of Greek yoghurt and milo is not very exciting. In reality, however, it proved to be an unexpected success, with the yoghurt and milo combining like Torvill and Dean at the 1984 Olympics! Perhaps the surprise packet of this dessert, was the inclusion of a chocolate disk (note: perfectly tempered!) and sweet strawberries at the base. This brought a whole new dimension to the dish, and complimented the aforementioned performance by the Milo and yoghurt.

As the latin say 'Audaces fortuna iuvat' (fortune favours the brave), and this dish is a great example of this. It takes a brave chef (and end-user) to take on this dish, but I can happily report that it was a resounding success. 8 out of 10."

Another workmate said,

"The amalgamation of the Milo and Greek yoghurt presented us with an assuming flavour combination, whilst the extra milo added to the top created a crunch that was the perfect edition. I loved the way each spoonful provided another textual discovery as we cracked our way through the chocolate disk to reveal the beautifully sweet strawberries at the bottom - some sugary relief to the tartness of the top layer. The texture of the mousse was light, aerated, gorgeous - one would never have known that this was the chef's first attempt at a mousse.

Overall the dish displayed creativity and technique and was a resounding success. 8.5/10."

Definitely my best attempt so far! As always, feedback or other challenges welcome.


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