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Vancouver food tour

Vancouver was an eye opener for me. A popular and assumed affluent city, I walked out of the train station with eagerness and excitement. I heard it was a food lover’s dream and I intended to eat as much maple syrup as I possibly could. However as I walked away from the train station and through the tourist-central area of Gastown, inching closer and closer to our accommodation on Cordova Street, the mood changed within a few hundred metres. The number of flies grew, the smell made my eyes water and the general chatter of locals died down as we came across a very sad sight. The effect of hard drug abuse was clear and I was both shocked and saddened. After letting the shock subside we ventured out to Canada Place, we ticked off a food recommendation - Japadog. Said to be a must by my brother, the thick kransky sausage on a beautifully toasted bun and topped with mayo, teriyaki sauce, onions and seaweed, was the best hot dog I have ever eaten. Crunchy bun, melt-in-yo

My Toronto food tour

When we made it to Canada I was thrilled to pick up our car and meet up with some friends living in Toronto. As we drove by large double story homes I fell in love with the suburban areas. Tree-lined, green and a lot more spacious than New York. As we arrived it was birthday dinner time and I couldn’t wait! We headed to local restaurant The Rosedale Diner. It's Korean, Canadian and Middle Eastern menu was very interesting. Craving a fresh meal I went with a Korean Bowl - juicy ribs, rice and broccoli was a traditional approach to Korean Cuisine. I liked this dish however for those who don’t like salty dishes, I would avoid it. The ribs had a soy flavour however with the bone in tact, it's not a dish to get if you want to be formal or on a date. It's messy! I also had a taste of MrBball Duck Poutine. Wow it was rich and decadent. The fried egg on top leashed a lovely soft egg yolk that took the richness of this dish to a whole new level. At that point I ticked o