My Toronto food tour

When we made it to Canada I was thrilled to pick up our car and meet up with some friends living in Toronto. As we drove by large double story homes I fell in love with the suburban areas. Tree-lined, green and a lot more spacious than New York.

As we arrived it was birthday dinner time and I couldn’t wait! We headed to local restaurant The Rosedale Diner. It's Korean, Canadian and Middle Eastern menu was very interesting. Craving a fresh meal I went with a Korean Bowl - juicy ribs, rice and broccoli was a traditional approach to Korean Cuisine.

I liked this dish however for those who don’t like salty dishes, I would avoid it. The ribs had a soy flavour however with the bone in tact, it's not a dish to get if you want to be formal or on a date. It's messy!

I also had a taste of MrBball Duck Poutine. Wow it was rich and decadent. The fried egg on top leashed a lovely soft egg yolk that took the richness of this dish to a whole new level.

At that point I ticked off poutine from my list - it was delicious but a little too heavy for me. Perfect for those indulgent food lovers.

The owners of Rosedale Diner are so lovely they gave me a cheesecake with a birthday candle to help celebrate my birthday. So lovely!

We also indulged in Montreal bagels from The Bagel House. A counter full of bagel varieties, I opted for the wholewheat one.

Montreal bagel is smaller and more dense than the American variety, and the hint of honey plays to the traditional cream cheese filling nicely. Perfect size and density for me. I went with the standard cream cheese but I urge you to look at their flavoured cream cheese varieties, including pesto and salmon. They looks delicious! Also the drip coffee is good. Make sure to grab a cup.

Our final dinner was at Rose and Sons - a cool diner fitted with booths and a bar. I ordered the mMississippi tongue melt. 24-hour beef tongue in a toasted sandwich. The meat was tender but it was overpowered by what i believe was horseradish. If you don’t like the heat and harshness of horseradish, avoid this dish.

MrBall had fried chicken and this is what they are known for - crispy chicken with a variety of sauces including maple syrup. A good guilty pleasure.

No coffee...from Australia and want a good coffee in US and Canada? Go to Boxcar Social - creamy, slightly bitter and the perfect size. A must for all coffee-loving people.

Vancouver to follow...


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