New York - pizza, wine and ice cream

We arrived at JFK airport to the flurry of people and line of cars eagerly trying to pick up their guest and get out of there as soon as possible.

As soon as we exited the airport the New York heat hit and I welcomed the warmth after leaving the cold Adelaide winter.

It took 1.5 hours to get to Manhattan from the airport. Thankfully our lovely Lyft driver made it a nice experience.

As soon as we dropped off our luggage in our apartment - Airbnb living like locals - we went in search of food.

Having read about Katz’s Delicatessen we went there first, surprised to be handed a ticket upon entry, quickly told that we couldn’t leave without handing the ticket back when exiting. No ticket attracts a fine.

A little confused we walked up to the busy counter to discover the array of meat-filled sandwiches on offer cost between $20-$25 plus tax. For one sandwich! I couldn’t do it. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So we quickly handed back our ticket and walked to a local pizza shop for a $1 slice. BD Pizza in lower east side while unassuming was cheap and cheerful and delivered on our street food expectations. We quickly folded the pizza in half and pretended to be a local.

Cheesy, warm and with sides to add - oregano, Parmesan, chili - it was the perfect intro to New York pizza by the slice. I can’t believe I had never put Parmesan on a pizza before!!

We also shared a slice at Pizza La Margherita, said to be one of the best Margherita pizzas in NY. This was more traditional Italian than BD Pizza, with fresh basil and a delicious sauce. However with no menu inside, we were arbitrarily told a prize that came across as fake. At $3.50 a slice it was still worth it.

After walking in the hot NY sun, a glass of wine was a must. We came across River Coyote and they served wine on tap. Loved that idea. With a taste test of Pinot Grigio, we ordered a few glasses and planned the rest of our NY trip.

To finish off our first day we line up at The Big Gay ice cream shop and indulged in their delicious, creamy and perfectly sweet soft serve that brought back childhood memories of Mr Whippy and eating soft serve in the street.

Day 2 complete and my pants are already getting tight!


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