Challenge 2 - Yoghurt and Jelly

Firstly, thanks Alex! I don't really like jelly, so this challenge was going to be hard.

I started off by thinking of what I had eaten with jelly in the past. When I was in high school, I worked at the Cheesecake Shop. Occassionally we sold trifle; custard, jelly, sponge and fruit. Then I thought of this breakfast trifle I read about at a gorgeous little cafe in Stanmore. This trifle had Greek yoghurt, muesli and fruit layered in a glass.

So I combined both concepts and made (for lack of a better word) a 'Greek trifle.'

I used a layer of strawberry jelly, topped with savoiardi biscuits (like what is used in a tiramasu), then a layer of berries, another layer of savoiardi biscuits and finished off with a dollop of Greek yoghurt.
Originally I intended to use a white chocolate yoghurt custard however when I tested it on one, it was WAY too sweet. So I opted for just the yoghurt. The tartness of the yoghurt complimented the sweetness of the jelly, biscuits and berries.

I had some jelly mixture leftover so I added it to my white chocolate yoghurt custard. I thought once the jelly became firm, it would resemble panacotta. My brother was looking over my shoulder and laughing, predicting that it would fail. He was right. HUGE FAILURE :-)

Now for the taste test. My little cousin had a bit and the first thing he said was 'it's ok but looks too healthy.' You have to love 17 year old boys!

My aunty really liked it and said that each element complimented each other. My brother in law said the same thing. 'Each layer by itself isn't exciting. However when eaten all together, it had a surprisingly great flavour. Not too sweet or sickly. Really good!'
So as for the jelly and yoghurt challenge, I think it was partly accomplished (trifle) and partly failed (panacotta).
Based on the feedback I got, do you think it was accomplished or failed? :-)

As always, feedback and comments welcome!!


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