Challenge 1: Yoghurt and Chocolate

Alright, my first challenge. I admit, I've never cooked a dish combining chocolate and Greek yoghurt before. But how hard could it be? Famous last words.

The first thing that came to my head - chocolate tart. A chocolate tart is often made with cream, so I thought...why wouldn't it work with Greek yoghurt instead? A bit of a stretch I know, however it was decided. I'd make a chocolate tart.

I started by making a sweet pastry with flour, icing sugar and butter. For the chocolate mixture, I adapted a custard recipe which included: 1 cup of caster sugar, 4 eggs, approximately 100g of Lindt dark chocolate and 1 cup of Greek yoghurt (black swan, low fat).
First I whisked the sugar and eggs together. Then I added the Greek yoghurt. Next was melting the dark chocolate. To make sure the custard mixture didn't curdle I added a small amount of it to the dark chocolate. Once mixed together, I added the rest of the custard mixture.

I added the chocolate mixture to each pastry cup and baked for approximately 15-20minutes.

Finally, the taste test. I took a few to work for two of my workmates. One gave me a thorough review, including a score out of 10. She based it on a scale adopted by the MasterChef judges - haha. I love the effort she made.

Julia's verdict:

"A light and surprisingly subtle tart. The pastry, although a little thick, was still a delicate texture and the sweetness complimented the tartness of the dark chocolate. The Greek yoghurt combined with the chocolate perfectly, and provided a smooth and understated flavour sensation. I felt a little cheated by the amount of chocolate and would have increased this in the chocolate:yoghurt ratio, yet overall the tarts proved to be a success! Score: 6.5/10"

Another workmate said "I'm happy with that. Great texture and great taste."

And finally my flatmate who said, "I like it. I'd go back for more."

Overall I think the challenge was ACCOMPLISHED! However of course there are areas of improvement - particularly presentation. If anyone has any tips on presentation please let me know!

Next challenge - yoghurt and jelly.


  1. This is so awesome Anne! Keep it up!

  2. Agreed can't wait to read what comes of the jelly challenge


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