My yoghurt hens day

I’m getting married next week! It still hasn’t sunk in. I’m constantly asking people…when does it set in? When does it feel real? The answers vary but the common theme is…. “When you get dressed”.
While it doesn’t yet feel real, I am so excited to marry Mr Bball and as a bonus I had the most amazing hens day that I just had to share with you.

Two very special girls organised a hens day perfect for me – one filled with good food, drinks, company and of course yoghurt.

Let me set the scene – I arrive and am greeted with a glass of sparkling. This is followed by an announcement of the day’s plans (which was a surprise for me) and a lovely piece of attire I had to wear the entire day. The attire was…a crown with a yoghurt label on there saying ‘The ultimate natural yoghurt hens’. Haha is my love of yoghurt that obvious?

The day then progressed to a yoghurt breakfast bar (with yoghurt provided by MOO – thank you MOO). With a range of fruit and muesli on offer I had to have seconds.

This was followed by a scavenger hunt at the Adelaide Central Markets, ending with a tub of frozen yoghurt from The Yoghurt Shop. Next a visit to Little Big Bang Brewing company, an Adelaide-based microbrewery with a range of beers from a summer ale to porter. I even had a go at stirring their most recent brew. Fil and Ryan have done an amazing job setting up this new brewery. Order a paddle and try their range of beer while sitting among the many fermenters or in their mini beer garden. Only 10 minutes from the city. 

Our forth stop, a yoghurt-filled lunch at Butterfingers with yoghurt and parsnip puree and roast beef, followed by a yoghurt and maple foam with watermelon. The chef Donny welcomed me into his kitchen and gave me a little cooking lesson. It was an amazing meal – I have to say though, they specialise in pies and I’m so excited to go back to try one.

Our final (official) stop was The Howling Owl, where the bartender whipped up a special berry yoghurt cocktail. Delicious is an understatement – sweet, tart, alcoholic. The perfect way to end a BIG yoghurt filled day.

I had to share my hens day with you as it is a fantastic example of how diverse yoghurt is. From breakfast to lunch to cocktails – it is perfect for all occasions.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to review two yoghurts I consumed that day.

MOO everyday yoghurt range:
This range is creamy, fruity and naturally sweet. I’m still eating the leftovers now for breakfast at work. The perfect amount, the crunch of the attached muesli make it a prefect breakfast (or for me afternoon snack). My favourite flavours – blueberry and mango.

This was my first time eating The Yoghurt Shop’s frozen yoghurt range and wow….just unbelievable. Creamy, sweet, slightly tart – full flavoured. Do yourself a favour and try the hazelnut (thank you to my soon-to-be sister-in-law for recommending that flavour – it was the perfect choice).

On that note, when I post next I would have gotten married and turned 30. Wow – the next few weeks will be intense.

So a shout out to my lovely bridesmaids for all their efforts – the yoghurt hens was certainly a success. 


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