Green Mountain Farms Greek - cream cheese and Greek yoghurt

On 11 June Mr Bball and I got married. It was an amazing day – thank you to our bridal party and family for making it happen. The sun made an appearance through the dark winter clouds, the ceremony was beautiful, Mr Bball looked amazing, the food fabulous at Sunnybrae Estate and all in all, it was a really fun day.

6am after the wedding Mr Bball and I were off to San Francisco for a mini-honeymoon and a quick work trip for my new husband.

A highlight of the trip was on our second to last day, only six days after our wedding, when on my 30th birthday Mr Bball and I went to Walmart in Napa Valley. Looking for the typical American breakfast bagels, the cream cheese aisle delivered something I’d never seen before! Greek yoghurt and cream cheese together as one – marriage made in heaven in my opinion.

Made by Green Mountain Farms, this lighter cream cheese alternative has four times the protein and half the fat. The taste is creamy and the yoghurt gives a little bit of tang that complements the soft bagel perfectly.

Toasting the bagels on an open fire and smothering it with Greek yoghurt cream cheese was the perfect 30th birthday dinner (and breakfast…and snack).

Now I’m putting it out to the yoghurt and cream cheese makers in Australia. Make this happen! I’ll be your guinea pig. I’d love to participate in developing it too! Would definitely get involved in bringing this brilliant product to Adelaide.


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