The Uncle Bill invention...

The last 4 months have been crazy, with my big move back to my home town Adelaide. While I miss all my friends in Sydney, I love being back home with family, friends and a bigger Greek population!

This is evident by the vast range of Yiros shops and lack of Kebab shops. It's a beautiful sight, seeing proper tzaziki on a yiros. Better yet, my Uncle Bill owns a yiros shop called The North Adelaide Burger Bar on O'Connell St - commonly called the the Red and White. The Red and White is home of the AB. The AB includes hot chips, layered with yiros meat, topped with real tzaziki made by my uncle, finished with tomato sauce. It is fantastic! Doesn't look amazing, but trust me...give it a go.

I had my first AB only 3 weeks ago with my cousin. However it's amazing how when you turn to someone in Adelaide and say AB, they know exactly what you are talking about. The AB and the Red and White is now a South Australian institution, replacing the likes of pie floaters. The sizes range, with the largest and most expensive AB in the thousands. There is even a wall of fame, with people who have eaten BIG AB's.

What is even more interesting is that two shops down from the Red and White, is the Blue and White cafe. The Blue and White cafe claims to have invented the AB, it says so in big letters on their sign. Funnily enough the Red and White claims to have invented it, also with a big sign in the front. It's an interesting fight and I guess we'll never know...however with real hand made tzaziki and tender meat, you can't go past Red and White's AB.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!


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