The peanut butter challenge

This is a delayed post, however before leaving Sydney one of my workmates challenged me to cook something with yoghurt and peanut butter. I love peanut butter, especially in sweets.

The most amazing peanut butter inspired dessert I've ever eaten was from a restaurant in Melbourne called Gills Diner. With a European inspired menu, Gills Diner served up a reeses peanut butter cup inspired dessert with a rich yet light chocolate tart accompanied by a peanut butter ice cream that made me giddy with every bite. The peanut butter ice cream was a perfect combination of salty and sweet and when accompanied with rich dark chocolate, became a match made in heaven. Check out Gills Diner below:

Gills Diner on Urbanspoon

It was amazing - it almost overtook my grandma's cheesecake, as the best dessert I've ever eaten. ALMOST!

So with the idea of chocolate and peanut butter in mind, I made what I know and love - cookies. The cookies included: plain flour, sugar, butter, dark chocolate, peanut butter and Farmers Union Greek Yoghurt. These yoghurt, peanut butter and chocolate cookies were chewy and moist. This texture was what I was hoping to achieve by using the Greek Yoghurt.

I took them to work for some peer reviews and as a farewell thank you to my old team. The reviews were:

"They are fab! And I am going for seconds as we speak."

"Agree! And I'm not a sweet tooth! They are delish Anne." 

"Anne’s Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies are the perfect combination of rich chocolatey goodness, salty peanut butter flavour, and chewy yet slightly crunchy cookie texture. They are 100% addictive and moorish and an amazing sweet treat!"

"Anne’s biscuits were delicious. The perfect mix of chewy softness and crumbly crunch. The chocolate peanut butter combination was the stand out for me, a fantastic flavour combination that added an extra dimension to this cookie. Sad they’re all gone... I could have devoured plenty more! Will definitely be making these myself."

All in all, I'd definitely put yoghurt in cookies again and I have plans to combine chocolate and peanut butter on many more occasions in the future! I think for this peanut butter and yoghurt challenge, I SUCCEEDED.


  1. Nice! Next challenge: since it is summer and a refreshing drink is a must: cider and yoghurt. Go...

  2. Good challenge - this one will be fun!

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