So it has been a while since I last posted. Moving back to Adelaide, starting a new job and a postgraduate course has left little time. However I am now committed to getting this blog back up and running and experimenting with cooking again.

My cousin and his friend have just invited me to participate in our own My Kitchen Rules challenge. We each make a three course meal per week and score each other. The winner will get a free meal. Love the idea and can't wait to experiment. I do plan to have yoghurt as the main ingredient for at least one of the courses. I'll keep you updated on how I go!

I will quickly share a new recipe with you...Salmon with tahini and yoghurt dressing. This meal I made for my Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother-in-Law - my Dad a very harsh critic.

I marinated the salmon is garlic (2 cloves), ginger (1 tablespoon), chili (1 teaspoon), lemon, olive oil and a soy, chili balsamic. Then cooked it on a grill, skin side down.

I accompanied this with a tahini and yoghurt dressing and a yoghurt potato salad.

Tahini and Yoghurt dressing:
Easy! I mixed 1 cup of yoghurt, approximately 1 tablespoon of Tahini (to taste) and 1 garlic clove together. It is an amazing flavour combination.

Yoghurt potato salad:
Potato salad is a great summer classic - it is a must at a BBQ. However the typical dressing can be very high in fat (if mayo is the main ingredient). So an alternative is to use a Greek yoghurt. I mixed garlic, Greek yoghurt and fresh mint together and dressed the potatoes. I then seasoned with salt and pepper.

It has a much more subtle taste, but very light. One big mistake, I didn't strain the yoghurt. This meant that there was some liquid at the bottom of the bowl. STRAIN THE YOGHURT! :-)

This was a really quick, simple and light dinner, which the family really enjoyed. The tahini and Yoghurt dressing is something I would use on lots of seafood and lamb. It adds a lot of flavour.


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