What Greek Yoghurt?

Shopping for yoghurt is like choosing a movie. Depends on your mood, who you are with and why you are choosing/shopping in the first place.

Looking for a laugh, you watch an Adam Sandler film. On a date and want to set a romantic mood, then a classic with Audrey Hepburn is a perfect pick. Want a violence hit, then you can't go past a Quentin Tarantino flick.

Choosing a Greek yoghurt is the same. Typically Greek yoghurts are known for its tang. However there are many creamier, subtle options. Do you want to use it in a sweet, a curry, a pasta or a dip? Consider this while shopping.

If you are after a creamier, thin, subtle Greek yoghurt then I can't go past Black Swan low fat Greek yoghurt. Perfect in sweets this yoghurt will challenge your perception of Greek yoghurts, much like the film 'Snakes on a Plane' challenges your perception of a thriller, or is it a comedy?

Coles low fat Greek yoghurt has that tang that you like following a shot of tequila. However the texture has a beautiful creaminess and thickness, making it perfect for savoury dishes like curries and dips (particularly tzaziki). Would generally avoid it for sweets though.

Now for one of my favourite, Farmers Union low fat Greek yoghurt. This yoghurt is tangy, thick and creamy. Perfect for dips, curries, sweets, in pasta or as a side. It enhances the ingredients and everytime I eat it, memories of Greece come flooding back. The beaches, people, traditional buildings and food. And why you are looking at Farmers Union products, try the ice coffee - it is the Haighs of ice coffees.

Finally, if you are after a sweet yoghurt that you eat straight out of the container (one of my indulgences) then I love The Yoghurt Shop. Amazing flavours, beautiful texture and not too tangy. Unfortunately this is only based in Adelaide, another reason why Adelaide is an amazing city :-)

So overall, if you are after a yoghurt for sweets (e.g. with museli for breakfast) I would opt for Black Swan. Dips and curries I would consider using Coles low fat Greek yoghurt. However if you are after a one stop shop, I would get the Farmers Union low fat Greek yoghurt - do note, it does have that traditional tang.

I am always on the lookout for good recommendations, so please let me know if you have some favourites!


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